Nonprofit Essentials – Budget & Financing

It was a pleasure seeing everyone again for the Budget & Financing session of the Nonprofit Essentials series. As we discussed during the session, I have included electronic versions of several documents and links to resources below.

  1. The Powerpoint presentation is electronically accessible. Note that the slides we skipped due to time constraints have been included.
  2. An electronic copy of the financial ratio analysis exercise we did is available.  Recall that standalone ratios are most useful when appropriate sector comparisons are made. Guidestar is a great resource for finding 501(c)(3) organizations’ Form 990 financial data.
  3. We skipped over the business model portion of the presentation, but I think it’s a very useful tool. Steve Blank’s Business Model Canvas can be found online, along with my transcription of the text portions of that document.  Blank’s website, Business Model Generation, is also worth a visit; it includes a good video about applying the Business Model Canvas.
  4. In passing, I referenced a Stanford Social Innovation Review article called 10 Nonprofit Funding Models. The article goes into detail about the basic templates for revenue generation in nonprofits, and is an interesting read.
  5. Lastly, here is a link to Dan Palotta’s TED Talk, The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong. The talk raises interesting questions about the scale and nature of spending in charitable organizations, including the overhead issue we discussed.

Posted by Casey Crowley